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Paolo Baccolo presents: The power of Raw Imaging. Camera Raw and Lightroom 4

From: 07/04/2012 To: 07/04/2012


*** The webinar is in Italian language

Topic of the webinar:
Why shoot Raw or Jpg images? What are the advantages and drawbacks of the two formats? What are the technical differences and what are the commonalities? Especially during this webinar will deepen the development of raw files with the new Camera Raw 7, and will set a proper workflow through Lightroom 4. Camera Raw is the component that allows photographers in Photoshop to open and manipulate the images shot in raw format. This data is all information that the sensor has captured and their correct treatment is the key for an image with high visual impact.

The latest release of Camera Raw have introduced new tools for better image control and a unique file development. These important changes will be the starting point for the study of the raw file and its develop.

Paolo will show us how to take control of all image values. Exposure, color temperature, shadows, highlights and details to be discovered. You will also set up a workflow with Lightroom and use of catalogs. Also be setting up a workflow with Lightroom and catalogs.

Space is limited.