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Steve Gosling presents: Imperfect impressions

From: 09/19/2012 To: 09/19/2012


Topic of the webinar:
Developing the theme of photographing from the heart, in his second webinar, Steve Gosling will talk about his desire to produce a personal interpretation of the landscape; not a record shot or pictorially truthful rendition of the scene before him. The images he will show during the webinar are in some way a distortion of reality and a distortion that reflects his emotional response to the subject.

He’ll start by describing some of the creative techniques he uses to produce his ‘imperfect impressions’ images (e.g. toy cameras, plastic optics, photographing through plastic bags, camera movement, long exposures). He’ll then look at specific images in more detail talking both about the concept or story behind the image as well as the techniques used.

Space is limited.