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Traveler Series 2 Carbon Monopod, 6-Section

item #:GM2561T
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Series 2 6-Section 6X carbon fiber monopod. Monopods are traditionally used at sports events and in situations where space is tight and framing speed is a key factor. The ideal monopod needs to be lightweight, extremely fast to open and close. Thanks to ALR and G-Lock, Gitzo monopods have all these features. All new monopods feature the new Gitzo belt clip. This clip, incorporated in the wrist strap, is a smart carrying solution that allows you to hang your monopod on belts or pockets.
Weight 0.33 Kg
Max Height 143 cm
Material Carbon Fiber 6X
Attachment 1/4″ screw,3/8″ screw attachmenttype
Leg Sections 6 number
Safety Payload 4.5 kg
Min Height 36 cm


safe lock
Anti Leg Rotation

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