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Series 3 Tripod Bag

item #:GC3100
(REPLACED BY PART # GC3101 , GC4101 )
Limited availability.*
*This item is no longer available for purchase through the Gitzo web store at this time. Please contact an authorized dealer for product availability and details.

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These classic tripod bags are made of high quality and sturdy materials. Very elegant and practical, they offer an efficient carrying solution for your Gitzo tripods. The bags are padded for additional safety and, even if they are not 100% waterproof, they offer an excellent protection against light rain and bad weather conditions. These bags have now been revised into four new models in order to offer a better fit to the new generation of Gitzo tripods. They are now slimmer, the inner padding has been enhanced and it is now thicker on both bag ends. Also the flap underneath the main zipper has been revised in order to enhance the open-close operation. The new versions are specifically studied for each series and family of Gitzo tripods. Please refer to the chart for compatibility information.
Weight 0.8 Kg
External Height 82 cm
External Width 14 cm

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